“I have never rated a training as high as I did this one. The quality of the content and the presenters was the best I ever encountered.”

“Thank you so much for your wonderful talk/presentation and for giving new hope, new life and new thought process to all of us.”

“Discovering you and your work was like stumbling on an oasis for me. You were someone who could understand my fear and not stigmatize me or make me feel I deserve to be cast out from the human community because I’m so different.”

How can we work together to become more fully human? What can we do to take care of each other and ourselves better? What kinds of skills and collaboration are needed?

My experience as a survivor and community leader has given me the opportunity to present many different trainings, workshops, talks, and events over the past 13 years in more than 25 countries, as well as working individually with clinicians and policymakers. I am available internationally as a consultant, teacher, and facilitator; please contact me to discuss your needs and how we can work together.

I have also worked with many groups as a community organizer, including founding organizations, hosting public forums, workshops and presentations, and organizational development. I have served on the board of several mental health organizations, including the Foundation For Excellence in Mental Health Care, INTAR,  Hearing Voices USA, and the Mental Health Association of Portland, and I host the FM show Madness Radio on KBOO and syndicated on the Pacifica network.

My collaborations have included mental health consumer/survivors, therapists, nursing students, psychiatrists, family members, domestic violence workers, policymakers, case managers, probation officers, law enforcement, housing administrators, the media, and the general public. My consulting covers many mental health recovery related topics, and in addition to my experience in the recovery movement and my work as a therapist, I hold a Masters degree and Diploma in Process Work, have certification as a WRAP facilitator, am a NADA detox acupuncturist, and completed a two year training in Open Dialogue practice with Jaakko Seikkula and Mary Olson at the Institute for Dialogic Practice. I am currently a PhD student at Maastricht University Medical Center.

Organizations and clients and I have worked with and given trainings, workshops, and talks with include:

  • Lecturer, 2012 American Psychiatric Association Institute for Psychiatric Services
  • Past Board member, Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care
  • Hearing Voices Congress (Maastricht, Holland)
  • Federal Office on Violence Against Women
  • Menninger Clinic
  • Alaska Peer Mental Health Consortium
  • New York University Gallatin School
  • Past Board member, International Network Towards Alternatives for Recovery
  • Smith College School of Social Work
  • Platforma za oDrazovanje (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Kentucky Consumer Advocate Network
  • Greater Oregon Behavioral Health
  • Alaska Governor’s Council on Disabilities
  • National Acupuncture Detox Association
  • Metanoia Association (Sarajevo, Bosnia)
  • Ludruga (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services
  • Michigan Department of Community Health
  • Pathways Vermont
  • Anwaltschaft für Menschen mit Behinderung (Graz, Austria)
  • Copeland Center for WRAP
  • PEERS Alameda County
  • International Association of Process Oriented Psychology (London)
  • Long Haul Infoshop
  • Process Work Institute
  • Social Welfare Action Alliance
  • National University of Ireland – Galway Medicine & The Arts
  • Reach Community Development housing agency
  • Community Alternatives to the Police, Portland
  • Powell’s Bookstore, Portland
  • The Icarus Project
  • Portland State University Department of Psychology
  • University of Massachusetts Nursing School
  • Northwest Public Employees
  • Oregon State Hospital
  • Research Club
  • SAMHSA Alternatives Conference
  • Oregon Health and Sciences University School of Medicine
  • Stavros Center for Independent Living, Amherst MA
  • Freedom Center
  • Comisión Méxicana de Defensa y Promoción de los Derechos Humanos (Mexico)
  • Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos (Perú)
  • Portland Hearing Voices
  • Safe Passage domestic violence shelter
  • Rhizome Cafe, Vancouver Canada
  • Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center
  • Unitarian Church of Vancouver Canada
  • International Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Mental Disability Rights International
  • Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales (Argentina)
  • Janus Youth Services
  • National Association of Rights Protection and Advocacy
  • Recovery Learning Community
  • Achterbahn (Austria)
  • Gesellschaft zur Förderung seelischer Gesundheit (Austria)
  • Homeless Youth Continuum
  • Multnomah County Department of Community Justice
  • Columbia County Mental Health
  • Empowerment Initiatives
  • Δίκτυο Ανθρώπων που Ακούνε Φωνές (Hearing Voices Greece)
  • Family Outreach And Response Program, Toronto, Canada
  • National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery
  • Voices Of The Heart, NY

I have also worked as an individual consultant to policy makers and clinicians seeking to improve services and promote agency transformation, including trauma sensitive and recovery models of care.

Topics and fees are tailored to the setting and needs of the groups I work with. Some of the trainings I have offered include:

  • Living With Mental Diversity, Madness and Extreme States
  • Family Recovery and Psychosis 
  • Living With Suicidal Feelings
  • Learning from Open Dialogue
  • Emotional CPR Certification & Trainer Certification
  • Creating Self Help and Hearing Voices Groups for Extreme States
  • Supporting Psychiatric Medication Withdrawal: A Harm Reduction Approach
  • Psychiatric Medication Withdrawal Harm Reduction Facilitator Training
  • Medication Empowerment and Optimization
  • Understanding Trauma: A Body Oriented Approach
  • Creating Trauma Sensitive Organizations
  • Introduction to Process Work with Psychiatric Diagnosis 
  • Effective Group Facilitation
  • Public Speaking for the Community and Media
  • Power, Rank, and Oppression
  • The Dreaming Self and the Spiritual Dimensions of Mental Health
  • Conflict Resolution + Mediation Skills
  • NADA Group Ear Acupuncture

ZagrebWorkshop2013Cropped2Mental Diversity + Mental Health Alternatives

I have offered trainings in alternative and community based approaches to psychosis and experiences labeled as psychiatric disorders in more than 10 countries to several thousand participants, including patient recovery groups, mental health agencies,  police, hospitals, universities, domestic violence shelters, family organizations, lawyers, clinics, and the American Psychiatric Association. I combine my personal recovery experience with 9 years of work as an advocate and counselor, and trainings are dynamic, experiential, and tailored to the practical problems and needs of those I work with.

Hearing Voices Groups + Mutual Self Help and Support Organizations

I have more than 12 years experience facilitating and organizing self-help support groups for people who hear voices and have unusual/different mind states often labeled as “psychosis.” Freedom Center pioneered community advocacy, education, and support Western Massachusetts, earning awards and community recognition. Freedom Center and Portland Hearing Voices facilitates two of the first Hearing Voices groups in the US, helping people to live with distressing voices and extreme states; these groups have been extremely successful in Europe where they have spread to community agencies, residences, hospitals, and agencies (you can learn more about the international Hearing Voices Movement at the Intervoice website). I offer trainings in mutual self help and hearing voices support methods, and offer ongoing support and consultation.

WillGrazAustria2013WorkshopSupervision and Professional Consulting

I work with therapists, social workers, psychiatrists, process workers and others in a variety of modalities who need guidance and supervision for their clients facing extreme states and mental health difficulties, and are working to improve agency and clinical practices. I do not take a programmatic approach, but instead follow the unique needs of each situation, understanding that professionals often face limited resources and difficult binds that pull them in many directions.

Supervision is dynamic and challenging, designed to quickly identify obstacles and create new approaches to put into practice right away. I use a co-vision model based in collaborative dialogue; methods are diverse and creative, including detailed examination of client communication, working with provider belief systems, studying power dynamics in institutional contexts, and out-of-the-box solutions such as somatic cues, dreams, and social context dialogue. I am also a supervision and study committee mentor for training in Process Oriented Psychology in the US and internationally.

Entrenamientos y Presentaciónes en Español

Soy hispanohablante y he ofrecido entrenamientos y presentaciónes en Español en Mexico, Perú, Argentina y los EE. UU. Favor contactarme si tiene Ud. algun interés en invitarme a su comunidad.

Mi guía sobre como discontinuar fármacos es traducido a Español, y se puede bajar y imprimirlo gratis desde este vínculo: y la ficha para imprimir es desde este vinculo: