“Will Hall has made enormous achievements in bringing hope into the lives of individuals labeled with mental illnesses and advancing the field of disability rights advocacy.”
— National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery, Judi Chamberlin Award

“Will Hall helps our world by bringing out a central aspect of diversity: the various ways in which we all think and dream. We need each other’s different ways of feeling, dreaming and thinking to be a community.”
— Arnold Mindell, author of Processmind and founder of Process-Oriented Psychology

“Working with Will Hall as my therapist helped me to realize that I was ultimately the one making decisions about my care. Through my work in therapy sessions with Will, I found the courage to believe in my capacity to make decisions and the strength to move in a direction I had been seeking for many years.”

“From the first meeting on, Will was able to gently bring into my awareness internal conflicts I was having a very hard time grasping or articulating. Each session has been so rewarding, always insightful. Will is a very sharp and sensible therapist. I cannot think of anyone else better suited to help somebody in a crisis or in great need of understanding and emotional support. We met on Skype or over the phone, and I got a lot out of each session. I have acquired new tools to work with and make better sense of my emotions.”

“This group is the first time I have ever been able to talk about my hearing voices with other people. I feel like so much has been lifted off me.”

“I want you to know that your training for us was probably the best one I have ever attended. Thank you so much for the work you are doing and your willingness to share your experience and passion.”

“Thank you for last night’s workshop — the theory you presented and the way you presented it was just fabulous! I really enjoyed listening to and learning from you, and just loved how you brought forward such complex theories and concepts so effortlessly. 
Thanks for all you do, 
really inspired and inspiring.”

“Monday’s event was amazing and I am still digesting the richness of information, the quality of expertise of presenters and the people that attended. Will is amazing, so real and so gracious in sharing his personal experience and his expertise.”

“Thanks so much for your help today. It was great meeting you and very encouraging! My son said, sometime after the session, ‘maybe I CAN recover.’ Wow, he has never said that before, only expressed doubt! So thank you so much! I am glad to know that you are there and that he and/or I can meet with you. You are very good at what you do, thanks again.”

“During an emotionally intense and complicated time Will really helped me sort out some big issues. I was struggling with figuring out my personal violent reactions during fights, my community’s response, accountability, and complicated gender issues. Will compassionately helped me get to the root of a number of these issues”

“Just wanted to share that I am now medication free! I want to thank you for all your help, support, and inspiration.”

“I benefited greatly by being able to meet and sit with you. You and your work have increased the quality of my life tremendously. I am still not taking psychiatric medication. You sitting with me was a critical moment for me and how I understood what happened to me and what to do to take care of myself.  I pass the information you gave me to as many as possible. I’m now a licensed psychologist in the state of California and could not have passed the Boards on the cognitively impairing medication that was prescribed to me.  I’m amazed at how many positives things happened to me and I owe a great deal to them to meeting you.”

“Thanks Will you have really been a blessing. It’s nice to hear someone’s unbiased opinion. It’s encouraging to think about the future for a change instead of being caught up in the chaotic moment.”

“I facilitate a peer run support group for anxiety and panic sufferers. I have been listening to your show “madness radio” for a few months now, and really enjoy it. You do an excellent job! I really look forward to your new episodes, and appreciate your challenging take on the mental health field. Shows like yours keep me educated and inspired to keep learning about this most mysterious thing called the brain. Keep up the great work.”

“It was great to talk with you Will. I’m grateful for the way you helped me focus into what was important for me. I was able to remind myself to be still and look inward.”

“Will i just want to say how much i appreciate you. Your compassion 
truly makes a difference in my life and inspires me to want learn to
 do the same for myself.”

“I regularly listen to Madness Radio and incorporate as much as I can into my classes.  Had it not been for your radio station as well as the Beyond Meds website, I may not be here right now, as in working – I could never have held an academic position on so many meds – I was almost at a point of losing my  ability to work completely.  It is very difficult to find good, alternative information. I do feel blessed that others have traveled this journey before me and could share their experiences.”

“Thank you very much for the great insight you provided me with……or I provided me with, but you had the capacity to bring it to my awareness.”

“I’m an artist and proponent of rights, choices and transparency in the care of one’s well being. I listen to Madness Radio as regularly as I do anything else and I’ve learned from and appreciated every episode I’ve heard. What you’re saying needs to be heard.”

“Thank you for your wonderful talk and presence last night. I especially appreciate the clarity I now have around the impact of the human environment on madness, that it is in fact a systemic disease, not a personal one.”

“There are many things that I like about working with you: you’re present, engaged, and honest– you’re really ‘there’ and I love that! I feel that you care about me and really want my liberation, and that is so different from all my other experiences with people in the ‘helping professions. This in itself is liberating and healing. I also appreciate how you link my own liberation with becoming active in the world…With you I feel I have a chance to learn how to be different in the world!”

“I attended Will’s Trauma, Healing and Spirituality workshop earlier today and it was beyond phenomenal. He’s a truly skillful speaker; informed, insightful and integrated.”

“I have experienced Will’s work, and he advocates for clear-headed thinking and objective decision-making, using all of the information available, and not just that from currently “acceptable” medical model sources.”

“I want to appreciate and thank you for the skilled, sensitive, and experienced way in which you were able to support me in working with a difficult situation involving a client in an extreme state. Your consult allowed for a larger picture to emerge where the focus shifted from helping an individual in crisis to supporting the whole family system. Your approach supports wisdom and trust to emerge even in the most turbulent and painful situations, and I am confident anyone in need of facilitation and support will benefit greatly from your expertise.”

“I had the pleasure of hearing you speak years ago at a legal conference with Bob Whitaker and Jim Gottstein. I’m currently representing a client who has recently come off of antipsychotics after decades on them and is having, unsurprisingly, a difficult time. I came across your Harm Reduction Guide online, and I think it’s terrific. Full of extremely useful information and beautifully put together. Thank you for all your wonderful work in this area.”

“awesome session… I’m still jumping up and down LOL!”

“Last evening I heard you speak at the church. I am e-mailing to share my deep gratitude for the perspective you shared on mental diversity. After completing my rotation as a nursing student on a mental health ward, I was left feeling empty and unsatisfied with the care being provided in the hospital. Your talk inspired me, and my passion for this field has been rejuvenated. I am so thankful to you. I have one more year of nursing school to complete before I will set off into the working world. Although my path as a nurse is still unclear, I hope to integrate your approach into my practice.”

“You are a great inspiration and innovator and I am privileged to have met you. Thank you for leading the way for change in the mental health field.”

“I feel lucky to been pointed in this direction, I feel that you all opened your arms and minds to my situation and story, I believe  that things don’t happen by chance, the path that has been shown to me is the right direction for my mind and heart. Thank all of you”

“thank you so much for today….it was very helpful and got me reconnected to myself rather than just floating anxiety. hugs and mucho appreciation…”

“You have no idea how much this has changed my life, I have people that I can call friends, and couldn’t find another bunch to hang out with, I take less medication and handle it ok , because I have people that I would be able to call if I had a problem and a purpose to be here to help out and do a job for. thanx Will”

“I am a student in the psychology class where you gave a talk today. I wanted to thank you for your comments and thoughts. I am really thankful to hear that there is support out there for people that won’t treat people like convicts. I used to share my story in an attempt to show myself that I wasn’t going to be ashamed about what happened. But I had not considered that it might also help other people to not feel ashamed and may help remove the stigma associated with needing some help once in a while. I am glad that a new story is being written.”